Family-Style Food, Family-Friendly Service

We know what it takes to make great food

When James Mackley decided to open Hotspot Cafe, he had a dream of creating a place where customers felt like part of the family. He also wanted to make sure great-tasting food was put first. After working in various restaurants and high-end steakhouses for over 20 years, he knew how important it was to have a welcoming atmosphere.

He bought the space for the cafe, sourced fresh ingredients and created recipes that would become staples on the menu and favorites of his diners. Stop by today to try our food and find out what makes our cafe special.

What's the recipe for a great meal?

At Hotspot Cafe, we believe in these essential elements:

Fresh ingredients | Home-cooked food | Friendly setting | Affordable prices

We stick to this recipe every time so you can enjoy unforgettable food and create fun memories. Call 208-895-2010 to find out what's on our menu.